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Body MOT

The Body MOT will give you the data you need to start achieving your fitness and nutrition goals


Achieve your fitness and nutrition goals

Book a Body MOT & find out your:

  • Cortisol Levels (Fat loss / energy hormone)
  • Type 2 Diabetic Fat % Levels
  • Chronic Inflamation
  • Regular Fat % Levels
  • Hormone Levels
  • Muscle Mass
  • Bone Mass

The Body MOT

is a quick 2-minute non-invasive test (no blood or saliva required) used in hospitals and with elite athletes across Europe and is within 5% of DEXA (medical gold standard).

Why it's Important

  1. It tells you why you are not burning the fat you think you should be. Many people are not producing enough cortisol in the morning and worse still are overproducing in the evening. They tend to feel burned out and exhausted.
  2. It gives you targets to aim for with your training and nutrition.
  3. It is a great guide to how healthy you are + can be repeated every 2-months.

What Next

Once you’ve done your Body MOT, you’ll know what your targets are! We also help people to lose fat, get toned and fit. Would you like to know more? Click the button below for our personal coaching page.